With video Facebook ads being so popular recently, it’s important that you know exactly how to get the most bang from your buck.  That’s always the key when you’re paying for traffic.  Today, I wanted to write a short post to help you out with that.

Here are some quick tips to get more from your video Facebook ads…

1 – Provide Quality Information or Quality Entertainment

It really depends on the purpose you have with the video, but in pretty much every case, you’re going to want to either provide great content or great entertainment.  If you’re going to use video ads to build a large group of weight loss buyers, a good work out plan or nutritional diet breakdown would make for great video content. Using a very entertaining or viral style video would be effective when branding a certain image and growing buzz around a launch.

2 – Higher video quality & audio can go a long way

The better the quality of video and audio the more you and your business come off as professional.  It’s one of those simple authority cues that can trigger in a viewer’s subconscious.  Nearly all new cell phones today have amazing quality cameras.  I use my cell phone along with a Canon 60D DSLR to get multiple angles on my videos.  It kind of upsets me I can barely tell a difference in quality.  A high quality audio mic is not expensive and well worth it.

3 – Keep your video length reasonably short

I like my videos around 45-60 seconds when using in an advertisement.  If I need more time to explain content, then use a call to action to get them to my website for the full video or the next step.

This length of video is short enough to keep attention spans with viewers so they still bite on the call to action.  It’s also long enough that if people make it to 95% of the video, they are highly interested in the topic.  This custom audience that is built with video Facebook ads is very effective.

Check out some results from two video campaigns I’m running…


For both of these videos, I had the same strategy going.  I use a quality content video Facebook ad to grow custom audiences that I can use to sell other related products in the niche.  It works quite well when you follow the tips in this post.

The top video was about 4:30 minutes long and it was an unwrapping video of a necklace we have been selling.  We pretty much just recorded us opening the necklace and talking about it.

Two mistakes in this one… first off, it wasn’t really great content for this strategy.  Secondly, it was way too long.  As you can see in the top custom audiences, only 70 of the 5,900 viewers actually made it 95% of the video.  They are super targeted for sure… but that’s way too small of an audience to do much with and the return on the investment for this video ad might not be worth it.

The bottom video on the other hand, we did much better.  This video is a content video that shows people how to use the product we want to sell.  There is no sales pitch in the video.  It is just straight content on how this product can help fix their problem.  This video was also only 45 seconds.

As you can tell, we had much better results with this one.  1,100 people out of the 5,100 viewers have made it 95% of the way through the video so far and it only started 3 days ago at $10/day budget.

Now, here’s the cool part with the second video too…. It’s already made 3 sales and profiting before I’ve even created the actual retargeting Facebook ad to sell the product.  That only tells me those promo ads will do very well.

You can see an example of this video method in a recent Kingpinning post:  My Favorite Video Advertising Sequence That Crushes It…

Follow these 3 tips for your video Facebook ads and you’ll have much better success right from the start.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below…