Why recurring rocks…

Day 1-10: 4 Organic posts = 20 New Members

Day 11-20: 3 Organic posts; $150 Ad spend on retargeting = 35 New members

Day 21-30: 5 Organic posts; $250 Ad Spend on retargeting = 45 New Members

That’s 100 total members at $100/mo in the first month… $10,000 monthly recurring payment.

If I can get this pace cranking a little bit more by producing 150 new members each month (which should be no problem with some front end advertising), we’ll be at 1000 members by the end of 2017 (6 months time).

At 1000 members, that $100/mo membership will be producing $100,000 revenue per month.

The cool thing about it is the $100,000/mo revenue takes no more work for me than the $10,000/mo revenue. It’s a single product we can focus on only 2 things… generating new members and keeping the ones we have happy.

Keeping members we have happy was part of the plan from day 1 when our first member joined. That process hasn’t changed at all and will only be getting better for members as more investment funds are able to be used for growth.

So the only thing that changes on a month to month basis is the plan for generating new members and constantly improving the single product funnel we are leading all our leads into… hence, constantly improving conversions and getting more members for our buck.

FOCUS PEOPLE! That’s why recurring works well for me.

I’m not bouncing around from niche to niche… product to product… ad campaign to ad campaign… I have 1 product to focus on… 1 funnel to consistently test and improve… 1 audience to continue producing quality to.

This 1 focus is why things are so simple for this type of model.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to do so below…