What is your goal in the next 30 days? If you don’t have one, you’re screwed on accomplishing anything on target to what you want.

What’s the big projects you plan to execute each week to reach that 30 day goal? Not sure… keep shooting in the dark then.

What’s the step by step/day by day needs for those projects to hit on all cylinders? Haven’t planned out that far? Good luck being the best.

What’s your 3 most important tasks that need to be done today to push your business and your life forward? What’s your 3 most important tasks that need to be done on November 3rd? Haven’t broken it down that far yet?… I think you know what I’m going to say…

Do yourself a favor and KNOW what’s coming. It’s not that difficult when you sit down and plan it out.

If you have no idea what big moves you need to make yet and are clueless, do something you know is useful…

Start small… Start with one simple task that needs to be done consistently. Social media is an example or list building. Either of those NEED to be done no matter what business you want to build.

Break it down into smaller and smaller chunks until you see the most mundane simple steps that anybody can do.

Social media can be broken down into 4 main pieces… Planning, Content Collection, Posting, Reengaging. Each of these areas can be broken down into individual processes… each of these into individual steps…

Once you have this done with your business… and your life… you can begin to choose which are worth your time and effort.

These days, I am constantly planning out our business strategy. I’m running 11 brand projects right now. So my processes are layered beyond belief… it’s absolutely crazy.

It took me the past 10 months of my life and thousands of dollars creating these processes, then recreating them about 1000x each until they worked alone… and then worked together so teams of people could mesh correctly.

I’m still only about half way done too if we look at the entire business structure. So, I’m constantly doing what I’m marking as P&D a lot in my notebook… Process & Delegate.

Once it’s all broken down into the most basic steps, I go down the list and mark each one that needs to be processed and delegated. The cool thing is that a lot of these processes work across the board with any business you would want to help or create.

Social media is a great example of that. Get those 4 basic pieces I talk about above processed and delegated and YOU can start selling Social Media services to local businesses (something I’ve charged upwards of $3k/month for and an easy $500/month).

I capitalized YOU because that sales system would be the next thing you would want to process… break down how you gather new leads and sell those Social Media services. Then guess what? You’re going to delegate that process.

What do you have now? An automated social media service that you know is quality because it’s following your standards… and an automated sales force that continues to help that business grow.

This is the only way I’m able to grow today and do what I want. If I didn’t process & delegate, I’d still be much farther down on the ladder and I’d only be able to do 1 project at time. I have much bigger plans that that… so this is an absolute necessity for my plan.

So get to it… break down your business… or just break down that one thing you want to do today. Grow from there.