Every time you see a new Messenger tool being sold, they always heavily showcase the open and click thru rates hoping your imagination assumes that means more sales.

Well, that’s not always the case. Impressions and engagement don’t always mean sales.

This is only a couple days of stats and a small portion size for a new account, but it shows a bit of what I’m talking about.

We offer two options when checking out… they can give us their email or give us their messenger connection. Depending on which they choose, that’s how the series of messages get sent if they abandon their cart.

If you look at the stats, we made 100% of our recovered abandon carts through the email series so far while the messenger series is getting dynamite open and click thru rates… but no sales.

It may be that I’m just bad at messenger marketing, but when it comes down to straight up converting on an offer, email is still very much king for me.

Now, I still highly recommend that you take advantage of messenger with your business. We have made some decent money through our messenger funnels. Plus, I’m sure there are folks crushing it with this communication avenue…

Just know that it’s a different ball game than email and has different benefits.

We are using messenger more and more for lead gen campaigns, brand awareness, and customer support. We definitely promote regularly as well. A good messenger blast on a holiday can do pretty damn well…

But still nothing compares to my emails.

Utilize both… be everywhere… know what your tools are supposed to be used to do and crush it!

Comment below if you have any questions.