Thank you for your interest in the Kingpinning Discussion Group!  This is a collaborative effort to spread the knowledge of creative, effective, and lasting businesses. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, this Facebook group is a great place to interact with others in the business.

Join the discussion to learn what’s working for other people and also to share what’s working for you. We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other out instead of trampling one another. A little kindness can go a long way…

I’ll post updates here regarding Kingpinning, The MB3 Empire, and any related personal business pursuits as well.

Kick your shoes off and make yourself at home. We’re a community, so please keep things positive between each other.

To keep the group the best I possibly can make it, we have a certain set of strict rules that every member needs to abide by if they want to stay a member.  Here are a few rules I have put in place to help keep the page running with minimal clutter and unwanted intrusions.

Be sure to follow these rules!

1 – In order to join, you must have a valid Facebook account that has been activated for at least one year.  

  • This helps keep out fake profiles and spammers.
  • If you are a current member and can vouch for someone new that wants to join, let me know and I’ll get them in…. but if they don’t abide by the rules, both of you will be removed.

2 – No siphoning traffic of any kind.

  • Promotions are not tolerated from affiliate links OR your own links.
  • Don’t post for your own benefit.  This is a safe place for everyone to learn.  If you plan to promote yourself in anyway, don’t bother joining.
  • Even if your intent is to help others, a link to even your own fan page will be deleted and you removed.

3 – Continuing on Rule #2… No links to outside sources.

  • Even if it seems relevant or beneficial, it adds clutter to the page.  This is a discussion group for us to grow and help each other, but keep in mind, it’s MY discussion group.  I do use this as a marketplace for my own goods and content distribution.  I’m the only one allowed to do this.
  • No links to Facebook updates, Buzzfeed, apps that might help your everyday life, etc… Much of the time, these posts even though helpful to some, they cause big confusion to others that I later have to clarify.  I will let members know of any important updates to the platforms we are utilizing as business owners.

4 – All success photos must have a purpose that falls in line with the group’s benefit in mind… not your own.

  • GOOD
    • Landmarks
      • 1st ever sale!
      • 1st $100 day!
    • Providing valuable content as to how you make your big money.  Don’t brag about your giant sales numbers without providing over the top quality content as to how it happened.
  • BAD
    • Multiple updates on where your sales are per day/week.
    • Don’t post your $100,000 income screen shot and say “Great Monday”.  If it doesn’t provide over the top quality content behind why and how you did it, we don’t want to see it.

5 – No double posting across multiple groups.  Let’s keep this page unique with quality content.  Don’t post your question or post in the Kingpinning group and then go post it into another discussion group.  If that’s your plan, just keep it to the other group.  I don’t want to see it.

6 – No degrading other members.  Bad mouthing, name calling, or hurtful intent towards other members will not be tolerated in any capacity.  If you have an issue with something someone posts, then please contact me or another admin to deal with the situation.

7 – Don’t post unless you’ve tried. 

This group is solely for those who have tried something and failed many many times and they need some help on the direction they need to go. It’s NOT for those who are just curious about things and don’t take extensive action on their own.

Newbie questions are dumb. It doesn’t matter how I answer them… it’s not going to help you until you actually take action and see for yourself.

I have training programs on my website and YouTube channel for free to eliminate all those newbie questions. If you haven’t watched the hundreds of hours I’ve posted there and then taken hundreds of hours of action, then don’t post to this group.

Go fail for a few weeks and lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars… then you’re welcome to ask questions. Until then, just shut up and take action.

3 Offenses to Get You Instantly Banned.  Don’t do these…

  • Post a promotion of any kind, no matter how relevant you feel it is.
  • Post someone’s product download links. That’s just stealing and I’ve built quality relationships with many other marketers in the industry.
  • Open a chargeback on products I’m selling that are my own or an affiliate link for another’s product. If you’re dissatisfied with any products you purchase through my posts, ask for a refund.  Every vendor I promote and I myself make it very easy for you to receive a refund if you truly are unhappy with your purchase.

Now that you fully understand the rules to the Kingpinning Discussion Group, let’s go have some fun and grow some power house businesses!

To join, simply click the link below and request access.  I will either approve or deny your request depending on the rules stated above.  FYI, it’s helpful if you have a profile pic in place.  I feel uneasy about adding Facebook users who don’t have a profile picture.  I want to know who you are since you will know much about me.