It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!!!

/It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!!!

It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Time!!!

Want a simple Print On Demand technique that makes me money every single year?


Take advantage of these super simple product angles that sell like hot cakes when you know the right strategies.

Here’s a few hints…

– Over the top designs do great (Hilarious or Horrendous)…
– Work parties is our 3rd best producing marketing strategy…
– Now is the time to start launching them! People need them delivered by late November & early December for their Christmas parties!

Watch the video below to see me talk more about Ugly Christmas Sweaters and go join my PoD Master Class which not only will reveal the full case study results as they come in…

But also, this is exactly the type of over the shoulder view you’ll get every day for 5 weeks in the workshop. Don’t miss out… doors close Oct 29th.

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