I’ve always had the same foundation Shopify theme that I use for every new e-commerce store I build.  This was very helpful for creating a systemized process to outsource, but it also made a lot of the sites look the same.  After teaching the same system for a couple years now, this e-commerce layout has really been played out.

When a brand and niche shows long term promise, we always tend to customize the site to give itself more brand identity and a unique feel for viewers.  It’s always about improving your customer experience.

Today, I wanted to start that process for our farm animal apparel store, Barnyard Bliss.  I found a new theme I really like (Konversion Theme) and did some research from other popular e-commerce sites to get ideas on how I wanted to change things up.

In this video, I walk through that research and the conceptualization process… plus, share the first draft of the new site.  I think it turned out great and I love the speed of load times this theme provides.

If you’re looking for a solid new Shopify theme, I highly suggest you check out the Konversion theme.  You can click the link here  to learn more about the Konversion Shopify Theme.