Print on demand products are one of the best pieces of my e-commerce arsenal.  ShineOn just recently launched some 18k gold plated necklaces and bracelets that have seriously upped the game for our jewelry collection.  Instead of $10-$20 profit margins for these highly sought after products, we are able to get $40-$60 profit margins!

A lot of this comes down to not only the high quality product itself, but the ability to be able to add personalized engraving on the back of the pendants.  This changes the game completely and makes these even more lucrative in the customers eyes.

I’m following along with Will Haimerl’s new course, Engraving Profits, on the exact step by step process for making these things sell like hot cakes.  I highly recommend you go check it out as well.

Use the coupon code ‘kingpinning’ during checkout and you’ll receive $100 off your purchase… This coupon is only available until the end of the month though!  So hurry and grab yours.

Buy Engraving Profits here!!!