The easiest money in the advertising game comes from using retargeting. To make sure we are utilizing that as much as we possibly can, I have an in depth system on how I like to dial in my retargeting.

The other day, I talked about the different types of retargeting audiences I put together. Today, I wanted to share the style of message I use with each of those audiences…

First off, we create 3 separate custom audiences for every product on our collection…

1. Product Views – NO Add To Cart: I show this audience the original product they viewed to start. Since they didn’t buy or even added to cart, then let’s try a few more views before giving it up on this product. I also like to show this audience other products from that niche. This gives them a few other options if they aren’t feeling the original.

2. Product Add to Cart – No Purchase: This audience has taken a step further to buy our product, but the still haven’t bitten the bullet on that purchase. So for this audience, I’ll show the original product but I’ll include a discount to help entice them over the edge. I’ll also show this audience other products from this niche (without a discount) to give more options as well.

3. Product Purchase: This audience has bought the product so now it’s time to bump that lifetime value up. I’ll show this audience other products in this same niche but I’ll include a small discount code to help get more orders rolling from them. I also like to show products from related niches to this audience as well. They already bought, so it’s much easier to convince them. So for example, a cow owner will usually have other farm animals as well and might like that horse pendant or chicken mug.

Hope that helps a bit.  I posted the video here as well to show you how to create these custom audiences.  Enjoy.  And feel free to leave your comments or questions below.


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