I’m often getting questioned about what niche is “best” to jump into when starting an e-commerce store.  The truth is the best niche to start with is completely dependent on you.

When it comes to selling anything, the key is to connect with the audience, let them know that you understand them, and you’re the one to be trusted with the answer on how to help.

This is something you should be considering especially for your first business ventures.  When first starting out, you’re pretty clueless on how to actually sell.  You’re clueless on how to connect with a random audience that likes something you have no idea about.

The best way to start off is to focus on a niche and a market that you already understand.  What are some hobbies you enjoy today?  What are some skills that you have over the rest of the public?  These are the type of questions that can help you find that perfect first niche to jump into.

Keep in mind, just because you’re starting a yoga store, does not mean that you’re going to be in the yoga industry for life.  This is your first success we’re trying to hook onto.  The first piece that helps grow everything else… the real ventures you’ve got planned.

With an audience that you understand, you’ll be able to more clearly deliver the message they want to hear… and more importantly, the help they are really seeking.  Too many times, do people try and “fix a problem” with their business but have no clue about that struggle themselves.

yessThe average 20 year old male does not know about makeup at all… but holy crap the amount of them that ask me how to improve their makeup stores :).  The truth is they’ll never be able to deliver as good of quality content as a beautiful woman on YouTube showing her viewers what color palettes work together.

Just having your Facebook ad get in front of those buyers first will not convince them your makeup is better… that’s not how that type of market works.  That point is hard for many of my readers with makeup stores to understand… they don’t understand their viewers at the level they need to for success.  Why would they though?  They don’t use makeup themselves.

How do I win in the cow market without knowing a think about cows?  Because, I’m constantly bringing new and creative items to the market.  I’m not releasing yet another makeup brush.  If I were, I’d have to put WAY more effort into my campaigns.  I bet I’d hire a cute girl to start doing YouTube videos to show people how to sell makeup… oh wait, I already do that… in the cosmetics, fitness, and kitchen markets so far.

I’ve also already established the system for selling to anyone and becoming a part of their community.  You newcomers have not figured that out and you won’t figure that out until you’ve had multiple successes.  So, let’s get that first one going in sooner than later.  Start focusing on that niche you know… now go deliver the message and fix the problem they want.

Let me hear your thoughts below…