Nice margins baby!

With profit ratios like this, it’s not much of problem to spend $5 extra on each order to package with your own branding and personalized materials.

That’s what our August/September is all about… setting up branding 🙂

Currently, each of these products come individually from a different source and guess what… it’s not caused a problem yet.

I hear a lot from people worried about upsetting their first customer/s before they’ve even made a sale… honestly, just focus on making something work, then worry about making it pretty. Things will go much quicker that way.

Understand what I’m saying here please… I’m not saying scam people and just focus on making a buck… but focus on making a legit system that makes money and has potential to build assets…

When you’re starting, don’t worry about picky customers who can’t wait 4 weeks for their product from China or the fact sometimes the products come from different places and in different packages. They’ll deal with it. That’s what you have customer support in place for anyways.

If you upset the first people that buy from you, it’s not that big of a problem. Just refund them… if that’s even necessary… apologize, and do it again but with the kinks worked out.

I am an advocate of the phrase “fake it till you make it’… but with one stipulation… YOU BETTER MAKE IT. If you don’t, then you’re just a liar.

I get messages every day from people who absolutely love our products, our service, and what we’re doing… I also get messages every day from someone upset because they bought their necklace 5 days ago and it’s not arrived on their doorstep yet.

Here’s a fun fact I’ve realized from my experience… it’s still easier to convince an upset buyer to come back than it is to find a new stranger to buy from you.

So, no more messaging me about this excuse that’s kept you from starting.

“Hesitation creates roadblocks… Audacity eliminates them”

Now go out and build something.