Today, let’s double that conversion rate for your abandon cart emails…

A member of the Kingpinning group, An, shared his Abandon Cart style a week or so ago and I wanted to give it a bit of a test. So here is the results I’ve gotten from the past week of trying it out on a test store.

Doubled conversion rates is pretty solid. (3% to 6.1%)

We had it set up in the past to send 3 emails. First was sent 24 hours after cart was abandoned…. second 3 days after… third sent 6 days after.

We changed it up to send the abandoned cart emails much quicker. First email is sent 10 minutes after abandoned… second is send 2 hours after… third is sent 6 hours.

Our email content is roughly the same. First email reminds them they left products in the cart and gives them a link back to the cart to finish up plus lets them know they can reply to the email for any questions they may have.

Second email offers a discount code for 10% off that expires in the next 48 hours.

Third email is a funny message that pretty much pleads with them to pull the trigger plus reminds them of 10% discount.

It’s working pretty nicely right now. With a bit better branding on emails, I’d bet we could get it up a few more % points.

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.