The real start to my e-commerce push began with the 2014 bubble that popped up for crowd funding t-shirt sites in 2014.  All of a sudden, platforms like Teespring & Gearbubble began to offer custom merchandise that you didn’t have to invest up front cash for inventory.

This opened up tons of doors for guys like me who were already dabbling heavily in the social media arena.  All of a sudden, there was a never ending product stream for these viral, passionate, and social niches that people already were having daily conversations about.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest not only love those type of audiences, but they began to offer advertising options to dial in who exactly saw your message.  These two possibilities began the huge growth that we’ve seen at MB3.

Today, we’ve taken this e-commerce system quite a bit further, but the t-shirt process is still very much in play.  People always ask me if I’ve given up shirts these days with our Shopify stores… why in the world would I do that?

Most internet marketers are too focused on finding winning income streams.  They are bouncing around from project to project, niche to niche, and campaign to campaign.  We focus on finding new winning income streams and campaign styles the same way… but when we find one, we take it to the next level and turn that income stream into a step by step repeatable process that’s going to be happening in the business every day from that point forward.

We got this dialed down with t-shirts when we were simply on the crowdfunding sites.  Now, that we have moved onto an e-commerce store setup, we still continue that same t-shirt launch process with a few steps changed to fit the Shopify system.

Many of these same crowdfunding custom merchandising platforms offer fulfillment options for e-commerce stores as well.  It can be a very easy and painless transition to higher margins for any t-shirt seller.

So, with that in mind, I want to help you guys add this oh so simple t-shirt launch process into your plan.  This is something that goes on consistently with your e-commerce business.

Here’s the process going on:


The process above is something you can follow to consistently have fresh and lucrative products available for any passionate audience.  Each of these boxes (steps to the process) are broken down even further for individuals to carry them out appropriately.

The 1st step is planning your attack.  When it comes to t-shirts, we want to make a schedule of when our designs will launch.  This will depend a lot on the type of store you are building…

If you’re building a store solely focused on t-shirts, then you’d be planning to launch multiple designs per day that cover multiple niches.  You’d want to have a consistent schedule of products that not only target new niches to expand your store reach… but also, you’d want consistent designs coming out in those niches you already found success with continually building those niche assets.

If your store is more focused on a single niche (crocheting for example) and you have multiple product types to offer beyond shirts (supplies, yarn, patterns, training), you probably don’t want to launch 10 crochet shirts a day… Instead, you’d consistently launch 1-2 crochet shirts per week.

A new 1 on 1 coaching student of mine was just asking me about this process today.  So, while it’s fresh on my mind, I can give you the details.  Hopefully by examining this one piece of the formula, you’ll get to see better how each of the processes above are broken down for a team to follow.

Funny enough, I haven’t actually looked at most of these processes for months.  I have people doing that for me.  So, this was a nice refresher for me as well 🙂

So, when I’m attacking a single niche with my custom merchandizing plan, I like to spend a day doing a massive amount of design research.  I want to create a folder full of every possible idea I could think of in the niche I’m targeting.  At the end of a few hours, you’ll have hundreds of design ideas.

Here’s the video I recorded for my student to show him the t-shirt research process:

From this massive list, you can start to get the best ideas created by a designer to get ready for launching.  I typically will just submit the entire list to my designer and let them bust the entire niche design ideas out in a couple of weeks.

Here’s a look at the template process we submit to our designer each week through Asana (similar task break downs are in place for every process we need completed)…


I all of a sudden have a couple hundred t-shirt designs ready to go in a folder for that niche.  I create a schedule for the following 6-12 months that has 1-2 of those designs releasing every week.  I like to use for a free team calendar so everyone can follow and know what’s going on.

With that schedule and the products ready, we now can assign the consistent processes (like shown above) that are needed to publish a new product to our store and launch that product to our targeted audience.  The process to launch and make money from those designs never changes other than small tweaks here and there as you improve your system.

Instead of just being able to launch a bunch of shirts by yourself, you can have 2-3 people handling each piece of the puzzle and those same lucrative campaigns are selling while you’re asleep or even better… building your next venture.

This exact process above is something you can take beyond just t-shirts as well.  Today, there are lots of options for custom merchandizing.  GearBubble has tons of great options all in one platform.

Hopefully, this helps clear up the custom merchandizing game for you a bit and now, you have no excuses to get started with crushing it.

Comment below if you have any questions…