No one likes to see negative comments on their fan page posts… especially if it’s an advertisement that you’re paying hard earned money for.  I want to help you alleviate this problem with ease.  No need to constantly delete comments and ban users… You can set up an automatic system inside each fan page that hides comments according to your standards.

Check out today’s video to see exactly how it’s done.

Here are a list of keywords that we add to this Page Moderation Filter:

shipping, shipped, ship ,9.95, rip off, ripoff, fraud, scam, scammers, china, aliexpress,, ebay,,, 4.95, 6.95, $, 7.95, $, 20, sucks, fuck, thieves, thief, expensive, high, price, http, https, ://, www, shipping, ship, ships, shipped, shipping fees, how much to ship, 9.95, $9.95, $50, 50 bucks, no way, rippoff, ripoff, fraud, scam, scammers, beware, make these, make this, ebay, aliexpress, china, s & handling, s&handling, s& handling, 9.95, 995, 16, 37, 47, received it, gotten it, received theirs, received theres, gotten theres, recieved one, received one, 10, $10, 10.00, $10!, $10.00!, not free, where is it, where is my order, when will it come, how long will it take, how long, shipping, deliver, delivered, amazon,, 19.90, $19.90, 50, $50, $20, 20, $30, 30, $40, 40, $29.85, 29.85, $39.80, 39.80, $49.75, 49.75, two weeks, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, three weeks, 4 weeks, four weeks, month, waiting, month ago, forever ago, still haven’t gotten, still not here, still have not received, received, received, catch, charge, credit, credit card, credit card, paypal, pay pal, month, s&h, cheap, skeptical, sceptical, review, reviews, 30$, 20$, 10$, $, 40$, 50$, 60$, 70$, sketchy, make mine, make my own, make one, has anyone ordered, hidden, hidden fee, hidden fees, leery, leary, scared, dont trust, don’t trust, bs, bullshit, do not order, don’t order, dont order, months ago, weeks ago, paypal, took the money, took my money, took money, never sent, never shipped

I’m sure you can come up with lots more, but I think that’s a good start.


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