This is the first time I’ve logged into this store this month.

It is 100% run by a virtual team that follows my system and reports to me weekly. I haven’t needed to log in because I’ve known every Friday just how well it’s doing without me from these reports.

The store is all print on demand products in a single niche which means a very simple team is required to pump out consistent products.

The team for this store cost me $3,500-$4,000 per month to operate at its current pace. Each member of this team only works on this brand and each position is part time.

Here are those key employees…

1. Product Research & Design ($2,400/mo) – A graphic designer is really the bread and butter of any print on demand store. Mine is responsible not only for creating the product designs for this brand but also doing the weekly research for new designs and product types.

His cost is $40/hour and he does about 15 hours of work per week.

2. Customer Support ($500/mo) – This position is filled by a virtual assistant located in the Philippines. She works 4 hours per day 5 days per week at $6/hour.

It takes about 4 hours per day to get to “inbox zero” at $50-$75k revenue per month. That’s enough volume to get questions every day that fall into the same categories. So, this is very easy to template out and systemize.

3. Social Media Management ($400/mo) – This brand has 6 social media pieces to it which all need to be managed daily with posts, private message replies, and interacting with engagers.

I found a college girl who is involved in this niche to handle social media management of the brand. I pay her $12/hour and it takes 8 hours of work per week for her to handle all the tasks that are needed.

4. Project Executive ($400/mo) – This is another virtual assistant position who handles the entire product upload to launch process. After the product designer has finished the graphics, this Project Executive is notified to begin the launch process. They upload the product to Shopify… create the required custom audiences… and launch the round 1 test ad following my simple guidelines.

I take over advertising beyond that point for scaling and retargeting, but that’s the next position I’ll be filling in this brand as it grows.

I was paying 4x the employee costs last year to accomplish the same productivity. Oh how I’m glad I restructured and simplified.