If you’re just starting out with e-commerce, don’t know what product or niche to start selling, or just want to test new things often, it’s okay to use dropshipping to get started.

You NEED TO KNOW that this is only a short term option though. You absolutely need to progress through better quality control systems if you want your business to still be around next year.

In this video, I walk you through the 4 stages of your product fulfillment to create a quality and trusted brand.

If you’re using dropshipping now, you should take all your profits early on to move your business to the 2nd stage so that you eliminate those long delivery times. The sooner you get to a high level of quality control with your products, the sooner, you’ll have a highly valued brand.

High valued brands give you the luxury of charging more for your products, double or triple lifetime values of your customers, and give you that amazing option to sell the brand for a giant paycheck at the end of the day.