For so long, Facebook advertising has been the bread and butter to our e-commerce marketing strategies.  As more and more competitors join the game and our markets get more and more saturated, I’ve started to have a love hate relationship with Facebook advertising.  Because of this, we’ve begun looking in new areas to generate sales and traffic for our e-commerce stores.  YouTube has become one of my favorites!

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is still our number 1 traffic source and producer, but the returns seem to be getting worse and worse over time.  We’ve seen this consistent movement the past 1-2 years and expected it to happen.  This has pushed my business mentality into the more long term solutions.

Instead of making Facebook paid advertising as our only traffic source, we knew that we had to start creating powerful brands that would outlast a single platform and could overcome a sleuth of competitors jumping on board.  Not only have we taken these strides with our traffic sources, but we are doing the same for every aspect of our brands.  It’s more about being a house hold name for your industry rather than focusing on the impulse buys that Facebook advertising requires.

One of the first platforms that came to mind when trying to expand beyond Facebook was YouTube… and why not?  It’s the second largest search engine on the planet. People often search YouTube for helpful information or want to know more about a product. A visual representation has a much greater effect on an audience than a written one… especially when show casing a product.  These are just some of the reasons it’s a great platform for selling and building a brand.

One of the best parts of this platform is it’s just fun.  I really enjoy creating video and getting creative when doing it.  You can see that clearly in one of my recent videos I created to buzz our newsletter ( Check it out here:  The KingPinner Teaser – Dream Bigger).

Recently, I’ve been doing more and more YouTube videos to help push my e-commerce stores.  So far, the majority of our traffic coming organically and I’ve just begun playing around with YouTube ads to drive consistent viewers in.  I’ve been watching up on my buddy, Justin Sardi’s new course, Video Ads Crash Course 3.0.  Justin is the guy I go to when I need some advice on YouTube ads.

Today, I wanted to give you guys some tips on creating effective YouTube videos for your e-commerce stores.  Later this week or next week, I’ll have a case study for you on something that’s worked well for us.

1 – Keep it short and to the point…

A long drawn out video isn’t going to do very well for selling a product.  It may do well for telling a story or sharing information, but when it comes to a sales video, you want them to be on the shorter side.  50-100 seconds seems to be the money spot.  A little longer if a demonstration requires it, but don’t create 3-5 minute videos expecting them to be your big converters.

This also will highly be determined by the product you’re selling.  If you’re selling a higher priced product, then you may need more video time to explain the benefits of purchasing and the user needs more backing to understand why they should buy your product.

A good example of this type of video would be from the company Purple.  They are selling $1,000+ mattresses in a very competitive market.  It’s important for them to showcase their product appropriately.  Check out one of their videos here:

2 – Give it some story…

Having a video that simply shows the product and says “Buy Here” isn’t going to cut it as one of your best performing campaigns.  It’s important to provide some story behind it or at least show the product’s use in every day life.  The example from Purple does a good job bringing the to life by not only showing you the product and what it’s built to do, but also providing you with a Goldy Lox character which adds that story board flare.

Here’s another great example that you can follow.  I’ve sold a ton of cell phone cases over the past 3 years but never have I had the blow up success that this one video has created… You can see it has around 90k views on YouTube, but if you check out the Facebook post that this company has been advertising (found here: ), you see that it’s had around 34 million views on Facebook.  In this time frame, I’d bet they’ve sold thousands of these cases… the same cases you can find on Aliexpress for $3.00 (Waterproof IPhone Case).

I had a ton of success with waterproof cell phone cases months ago when I was doing a lot of kayaking.  I had to find a solution to where I could take my phone with me while kayaking so I could get some pictures. I found a cool little case that worked well, so I took some video as I kayaked one weekend and used that as a lead in video to the sale page.  It worked wonders!

3 – Don’t forget to pay for traffic on a winner…

The cool thing about YouTube videos is with the right keywords and the right video and the right influencer outreach, you can get tons of free traffic rolling in to your sales page.  You don’t necessarily have to pay for traffic… but why wouldn’t you when it’s going to make you money?  I’m pretty new when it comes to YouTube ads, but have been playing more and more with them… and they work well!

It all comes down to the right video again.  This is also the case on Facebook ads.  Keep in mind, that video ads are some of the least expensive ads you can run on Facebook right now.  They are making pushes towards trying to be the next YouTube and they give their advertisers a lot of wiggle room when it comes to videos.  The Facebook audiences also interacts with videos heavily… so it’s another power house move to advertise your YouTube videos through your Facebook audiences.  You can see just how powerful the example above proved on Facebook.

If you are looking for strategies and the walk through steps for doing YouTube ads, then I highly suggest you go check out Video Ads Crash Course 3.0.  It’s the course I’m going through right now to get my YouTube advertising down.  The more and more I can move away from Facebook, the less I’ll have these up and down periods with my advertising and numbers.  You can go check out Video Ads Crash Course 3.0 here.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.