Facebook’s system is always changing.  You need to consistently change your advertising system to keep up with those switches.  In this video, I share my current template system for scaling a winning Facebook ad.

Here’s a summarized run down of how we’re scaling…

Step 1 – Bump budgets every 3 days

Step 2 – Test a New Targeting Angle

Step 3 – Look A Like (Views)

Step 4 – Broad Interest

Step 5 – Test A New Targeting Angle

Step 6 – Look A Like (ATC)

Step 7 – Test New Ad Styles

Step 8 – Look A Like (Purchase)

Step 9 – Test No Targeting

Step 10 – Test New Creatives

Check out my free facebook training guide for a walk through of my advertising system to find those winners that you can actually scale.

You can also check out my LIKE A Boss Pro Facebook Training where you’ll see these strategies in real life scenarios.  Click here to check out this training course.

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