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What is Kingpinning?

Dominating business… becoming the authority in your industry… earning the power to choose the circumstances instead of play the game.

Welcome to Kingpinning!  My name is Travis Petelle and I’m here to help you take your business, your mentality, and your life to the next level.  I like to build empires, and I’m going to do my very best to provide you with everything you need to do the same.

I study sound business principles and apply tactics used by history’s greats to become the best in anything I do.  I’ll be as transparent as possible to help you apply these same successful strategies to your business.

Kingpinning is one small piece to a large conglomerate of businesses that fall under the MB3 empire.  MB3 isn’t just a business though… it’s a movement… it’s a way of life… it’s a formula for living the dream that always seemed impossible.  One big piece of that formula is getting your finances under control.

That’s exactly what I want to accomplish here on Kingpinning.  I am not here to show you how to make money… I am here to help you establish complete control over your financial destiny.


It doesn’t matter if you’re attempting your first start up, looking to add another income stream to your business, or a veteran looking to step it up on all levels.  We can help…


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Inside our blog you’ll keep up to date with what we’ve got going. You’ll see news, strategies, guest interviews, and anything else we got going on over at Kingpinning.


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Check out the Kingpinning training sections to see all the great strategies, techniques, systems, and content we’ve put together about building a long term, successful business.


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“One of the realest cats in the game. #respect”
John Chatman
“You are a fresh breeze in this cash hungry maze of online marketing and e-commerce. Down to earth with the folks who haven’t made it far yet. Thanks for all the highly educative material man.”
Patrick Kepe
“I’ve been following you for YEARS and to see this kind of thing from ANYONE in IM is rare. So rare, I can’t even remember something this valuable that someone has given away. You rock!”
Rob RodenParker
“This is one of the few people I actually trust in the industry.”
Sahib S Ahuja
“The stuff you offer is absolutely outstanding! The amount of folks lives, families you help. I’m thoroughly impressed and wanted to share that with you.”
Jerome Knyszewski
“I hope everyone here realizes that Travis is the real freakin’ deal! This man works his ass off supporting his community and lifting everyone up as he raises himself. I’ve never been more impressed with an online entrepreneur as I am with Travis. Tirelessly delivering value.”
Chris Burley
“Dropping gold left and right!”
Christian Lovrecich
“One of the best guys in our industry.”
Dimitris Skiadas
“THANK YOU for being my HERO!”
Hamid Mez
“And the award for most awesome in a row this week goes to… Mr. Travis Petelle”
Alex Copeland
“Best follow of 2015 = Travis Petelle”
Nick Garcia
Mickey Ncube
“Thank you for raising the level of play and keeping everyone honest.”
Tyler Deerfield
“For the last few weeks I have been thoroughly confused with the abundance of Shopify courses on the market right now. One person just solved my dilemma by sharing his knowledge for Free. Outstanding Kudos to you, Travis Petelle.”
Mick Menesse
“If you want to succeed in eCommerce, then you need to follow the best… THIS IS GOLDDUST!!”
Terry Jenkins
“Check out his commerce training. Awesome stuff that he’s giving away for FREE”
Andre Sibayan
“Congratulations, Travis Petelle, you have Share Of The Year.”
Endratno Irfantony
“Thank you Travis. You are definitely one of the people with higher ethics and moral standards in this industry.”
James Mackay
“Yo Travis, kudos man. You dropped a Gary Vaynerchuk. Jab jab jab right hook.”
William Christopher Alexander
“This is leadership actions right here! Thanks for setting the bar Travis Petelle.”
Rizala Marti Carrington
“Guys, I’ve been close friends with Travis for a while now and if you don’t think this is VALUE and don’t take advantage of this, you’re just crazy.”
Charlie Kim
“Overwhelmed. Amazing. Thanks.”
Daniel Cohen
“Just about caught up on many of your previous videos. Now I gotta go through 40 more? Killing me over here with so much free stuff!”
Yev Marusenko
“With the previous free contents I thought you were mentoring free. With this act, you took it to an entirely new level. This Karma and intent will take you places.”
Sumanyu Das
“Ain’t you setting the bar a bit too high? Thanks for sharing.”
Honey Syed
“Value! Thanks a bunch Travis Petelle!”
Tiffany Williams
“Thanks so much Travis for sharing all your hard work, its priceless information.”
Sahib S Ahuja
“Travis Petelle, I think a big THANK YOU is just not enough to tell you how much we appreciate this info you are giving us for free.”
Andres Felipe Lopez Galvez
“You rock Travis. Thank you so much! You are a rare bird to give so much. Wishing you all the wealth and success in the world in all that you do.”
Don Bethune
“Travis Petelle, I’m just lacking words to express all the gratitude I feel for the course you have given away!”
Ruben Lopez
“Wow! You are killing me with your generosity, need to pay this forward when I am at your level!”
Kwan Mun
“Awesome. Just awesome. THANK YOU!”
Hamid Binyze
“Everybody spread the word! Travis Petelle is a monster and is here to dominate the world.”
Marc-Andre Cleroux

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