What’s up guys! My name is Kelly Hogan and I am the Community Manager over here at the MB3 Empire. Over my two years here I have executed an assortment of jobs. I am currently still a college student and juggling my time between school and work can get tricky. On some days I feel like I’m literally running from one place to the other. It’s basically like having a full time job. I have to be driven to make time for my position.

Learning to balance my time between college and work was a stressful but beneficial task to learn. I wish someone told me how important it was before moving off to college.  On a normal day, I have class in the morning, work in the afternoon, and then it’s off to the library to pump out a paper. I am constantly going one way or the other. College demands my full attention everyday as well as boat loads of money I don’t have. Nowadays students are expected to work around classes to either pay off loans or support their own life style. We are all capable of accomplishing this but the problem comes in when you don’t have enough hours within a day to fully commit to both. As always, education comes first. This leads to students committing to after hour jobs that are not related to promoting their future career. No one tells you how crucial time management is in college until you learn on your own. You have to make a choice on how you spend your time. Most companies don’t want to deal with a college student that has to leave for class in the middle of the day. That is what makes The MB3 Empire stand out from other companies. They were eager to work with me as I learned to manage my schedule between work and school.

What started out as a six month internship for college credit turned into a job I’ve come love. I found it difficult at first to find the right job that would allow me to juggle my schedule during the day. Then MB3 found me and was eager to work with me and my schedule. I learned I had to be motivated to meet the company half way as well as manage my time in order to hold my position. When managing my time it was important to strategically plan out my class schedule in order to come in during office hours. The MB3 Empire gives me the best of both worlds as a college student. Not only does the company work with my schedule but most importantly gives me the opportunity to build experience for my college major. Over all I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The MB3 Empire has granted me the solution to balancing work and education that many college students struggle to find.

Until next time!

~Kelly Hogan