Ahoy! My name is Jameson Murray and I have been on board here at MB3 since March of 2016. The primary job as Social Media Strategist is to tell micro-stories across all social platforms in a unique way. We have two primary ventures to cover: 9teenth, which includes our Niche Fan Pages and merchandise stores, and Kingpinning, which is an all-encompassing movement to bring people’s businesses, mentality, and lives to the next level. On the 9teenth side, I have a hand in a diverse range of niches; anything from coal miners to goat fan pages to Cow Pin Boards on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The whole purpose of our pages is to provide people with entertaining and consistent content to keep them engaged with the page and ultimately, once we have that brand association with them, sell merchandise.

I have developed a specific routine of posts to both satisfy Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm and keep people coming back for new and different content that they will enjoy. As the strategist, my job is to test new ideas to see if they work — and oftentimes those ideas are niche-specific, so I won’t bore you with those details. I’m currently assembling a “guidebook” for each page so that when I have a social media team, their task of fully grasping each niche’s personality will go smoothly. We use many of these strategies and ideas to supplement our Kingpinning case studies and provide tangible routines and strategies for our clients, as well. Thus is the way with niche-oriented e-commerce; things are always changing, and we need to be able to provide clients guidance to stay on top of the trends. With Kingpinning, my main objective is to essentially grow the brand. When the Boss Man comes out with a new video, for example, my immediate responsibility is to ensure it is in the correct Kingpinning YouTube playlist, check all of the thumbnails and tags, and get it out to our followers as quickly as possible through our website, as well as continuously promote past content to our many followers.

We have two Kingpinning Facebook pages – one that essentially an open forum that I do not touch, and one that I run as a Fan Page for our followers to receive that content when it arrives on their newsfeed without all of the other noise. We are on Twitter and Instagram as well, and if I am doing a Lead-Generating post for some of our content, I will utilize the ever-so-handy Hootsuite application to automate its delivery to all three channels. Instagram, by default, needs much more care with the graphics, and since I am a noob with photoshop, and do not have an artistic bone in my body, I have had to delegate or do my best. Kelly, our go-to for graphics here in the office, does an excellent job! Head over to Instagram to see some of her graphic work. I don’t think the masses would like stick-figure images, which is about all I can do ;). Thanks for stopping by!