What’s up?  Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite video advertising sequences that absolutely crushes it for me.  It’s extremely simple and it makes complete sense why it works after you see what we’re doing.  I was a little upset when I first saw someone doing this just because I didn’t already think of it, hah!

Here’s a little peak at one of my recent campaigns using this method…


As you can see, it works quite well!  So, here is what I’m doing…

Step 1 – Create A Bad Ass Piece of Content

In this case, I created video that talked about the importance of using Beard Balm.  The video was simple…

I wrote a quick 750 word article that followed a typical article marketing setup… A solid intro that introduces the problem and why they need to continue (why beard balm?)… 3 great content points that help the viewer achieve the result they came to the article for (here’s why beard balm)… then a strong conclusion that let them know what to do next (here’s how to get beard balm).

I then created a 4 slide powerpoint and recorded this presentation while I read the article out loud…


This actually wasn’t a great piece of content at all… but it was informative and it talked about exactly what we want our audience to be thinking about… maintaining that beautiful beard.  HINT HINT: You might notice that Slide 4 is using a picture of the beard balm I’m pushing on my store.

Step 2 – Create Video Ad With Your New Content

Next off, you’re going to head on into the Facebook Power Editor and create a Video Views ad.


This video is there for 1 purpose… to build a super targeted custom audience.  You see, when you create a Video Views ad, you have this sweet little option that is crushing it for us.  You can have FB create an automatic custom audience from people who watch this video.


It doesn’t just create 1 custom audience though… It creates 2.  1 of these custom audiences will collect people who have watched at least 3 seconds of this video.  It will create a 2nd custom audience that collects people who have watched 95% of the video.  So, as you can probably already guess, these custom audiences are perfect.


The broad one is great for collections on your product and moving them into other content and angles on your store.  The 95% watched audience is a group of people who really are into what ever it is you’re talking about… So in our case, I bet they would be interested in some beard balms.  Don’t you think?

Step 3 – Sequenced Retargeting

The last step is to create some sweet retargeting ads that hit these audiences with what they want.  Like I mentioned above, I started sending the targeted video viewers deals on beard balms.  We had some discount codes rolling with 10% off, free shipping, and most of the time, we promoted it straight up.

That alone is converting at under $2 per conversion.  Our product costs us $5.  We sell it for $24.95 and have $5 standard shipping.  Not bad at all.

For the broader video custom audience, I’ll promote the balm as well… but more so, I’ll start retargeting them with other beard related content.  So, I’ll promote an article on how to groom the beard.  This bring them into our grooming packages and those type of products.

We also will retarget for the beard crowd who is still trying to grow that manly beard and might not be to the beard balm stage yet.  This sends them to another assortment of products.

So, that’s how you can crush it with video retargeting.  This can be done with absolutely any niche and it works like a frickin charm.

Get out there and start crushing it with video ads.

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