My prediction… Pro gaming will reach the heights of professional sports over the next decade.  The money is there, the viewers are there, the opportunity to be a big player in an up and coming industry is there… Sounds like the perfect industry for MB3!

That’s exactly why I’ve been putting a lot of my chips in this market and preparing for big things in the future.

The new Samsung commercial was great to see since it’s continuing to validate my prediction of where pro gaming is going. This video totally frames pro gaming the same as shooting for the NFL.

Check it out here ==>

I have a feeling the bet is going to pay off big time in the next couple years though.

For those that keep hitting me up about how I’m making money in the gaming industry, there is one common denominator between ALL of you that reach out…

You are all trying to be streamers or win tournaments.

If you want to be a top streamer or pro skill level player, you need to quit everything you’re doing and devote 12 hours plus each day to practicing. Literally, you should be doing basic drills daily for 2 hours… hire a coach and be measured, analyzed, & mentored 1-2 hours per day… the next 6+ hours per day should be in live sessions where you practice against live action competition.

That’s how you win that game. Just watch any top streamer… they will all tell you they have NO LIFE because they are having to constantly play the game.

Here’s a fun fact about my business though…

The one thing I DON’T DO in this niche is stream.

Everyone is trying to be a top streamer and they leave EVERYTHING else on the table.

I’m stepping in and sweeping up that mess for the market.

We are cleaning house right now too.