One of the most important pieces to your successful business comes down to the product.  You absolutely need to be selling something that fills a gap or fixes a problem for your audience.  That’s really all business comes down to…. create a product that helps a certain group of people, then show that product to that specific group.

When we’re talking about custom merchandise, it’s not so much about fixing a problem that is physical or on the outer layer of your viewer, but rather maybe fixing the problem of “I need this now” or “my living room needs more art”.  We have so many options for creating custom merchandise, it often just takes a little creativity to find that big winner for your business.  Today, I want to share one method I recently used to create a new product for my buyers that came from a picture I took from my living room.

It started as a simple clear morning sky and the need for a new Instagram post…


The shot turned out great and my smaller IG audience really liked it.  So, I figured it would be cool to turn it into a product in some shape and form.  You see skyline pictures as products being sold all the time, but this one needed a little bit more to make it stand out.

I started looking for photo editing apps on my iPhone to play around with filters and other cool manipulations I could use on the pic.  I finally came across a few app called “Prisma”.  This app had a lot of cool filters that were much different than your usual Instagram filters.  These actually change the art style of the photo which gives you a lot of room to play with.

I cropped the photo a bit and ended up going with the “Mononoke” filter which gave us this look…


Next off, I wanted to add some more brightness to the picture and give it something more by adding text.  I started searching for some iPhone apps again and came across a few good ones of these actions.  Canva is something I’ve used many times before to make quality photos for my marketing, but this round I chose to use the app “Studio”.

With this app, I had a large number of pre-made choices for text layouts to choose from.  The one reading “just love” seemed to fit the theme of what I was going for with this skyline picture of Nashville.  I added a colorful filter and we ended up with our end shot…


Now that we have the finished picture, we can begin creating the products that would be appropriate for that picture. is a great spot to make that happen since they offer so many options for products.  You could put this pic on a poster, coffee mug, t-shirt, necklace, cell phone case, pillow case, and so much more.

We started by putting it on a 16×16″ poster since it seemed it would fit perfectly in a living room.  I also played around with placing it on a full wrap around coffee mug which turned out really great.


So that’s it.  Simple enough, right?  You can easily have quality products up and ready to go for your store in no time with a little creativity and a smart phone.

Don’t hesitate and start launching those products now!

Let me know your thoughts and comments below…