Setting up long term potential and asset growth is the best way to ensure your business is around for the long run.  Start building that rabid fan base that loves what you put out and continue to feed that system on a daily basis.  

Email lists, social media, and your brand image are the 3 main long term assets I focus on when it comes to an e-commerce store.  Each of these can turn leads and buyers you’ve spent hard earned money on to acquire into repetitive customers who make your ROI skyrocket.

Here are the action steps for today’s module:

1 – Set up social media profiles.  Start with Facebook and expand out as you get how social media works.

2 – Create your email newsletters.  Set up both a prospect email list and a buyer’s email list to make sure you can separate the material appropriately.  Treat your buyers like gold.  Prospect lists should be used to convert those readers into more buyers.  

3 – Start posting quality content.  Content is king when it comes to the internet.  This will help build your authority, grow your search engine rankings, and make you a source that people want to come to for more information.