I had a major breakthrough in my business when I came to realize that the biggest traffic sources in the world rarely create their own content that drives that traffic.

I’m sitting here writing blog post after blog post for years trying to get some momentum to my websites… when all I had to do was perhaps ask someone else to talk about the same subject for me.

Here are a few examples to help wrap that concept around your head…

Oprah – She is one of the most powerful women in the world and how did she build that power and fame? By interviewing other people.

Chris Record – He’s one of the top Shopify affiliates in the world. I don’t even know if he has a Shopify store himself. I might be wrong on that, but the majority of that Shopify fame didn’t come from him actually having success with Shopify… it came by finding other people who do and letting them talk and represent his brand leading prospects through his funnels.

Evan Carmichael – This guy is a YouTube marketer with over 750k subscribers and millions of views on each of his videos. All of his videos are clips of successful people talking and he puts them together in a common theme then adds an opening clip of him talking and a closing clip of him giving a call to action.

The biggest traffic sources aren’t the ones creating content themselves for that traffic. Keep that in mind as you try and breakthrough to the big boy table.

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