Facebook video advertising is something that’s working very well for us these days.  It’s getting great engagement with audiences and big blue FB is giving decent pricing on reach.  This combo with a quality product is really creating a lot of sales.

I recorded this detailed video to help walk you through this system and how it’s working for us.  First off, I’ll show you a campaign that’s been running the past 2 weeks and has produced a couple thousand dollars profit.  Then, I’ll dive into creating the video ad style we’re using.  Lastly, I dive into the advertising pieces of the system.

Watch the video and give Facebook video advertising a try.  It works quite well.  We are doing it more and more.

You can grab the template video file I use in the video from Luuk here:  http://teeninja.eu/heat-mug/

Don’t forget to come join me, Luuk, and Dan on Thursday December 8th at 7 PM EST.  These two will be sharing more great systems for you by showing you how they expand their reach in the international markets.

You can sign up for the webinar here:  http://kingpinning.com/intweb

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments below.