I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar training event recently with the masters of scaling, JD Yarger & Dimitris Skiadas.  JD holds the #1 selling product on the entire platform of GearBubble.  During the webinar, he shares his techniques for researching products, niches, & the elusive Facebook interests that make sales.  His 1 necklace has sold over 10,700 units and he’s had countless more successes building into his niche.

Dimitris is the man rocking out with the untapped traffic sources that many of us forget about.  During the webinar, he dove into how to get your Google Analytics in place for proper tracking so that you can start to expand to new traffic sources like the Google Ad Network or YouTube ads.  All of these are in play when you have a winner an need to scale.

Check out the replay here to see the entire training session and definitely don’t forget to grab their new training program called Eternal Scale System.

You can check it out here:  www.kingpinning.com/eternal