Lately, I’ve been absolutely crushing it with e-commerce stores.  It only took a few weeks to figure out the system for growth and ever since that point, things have been absolutely crazy.  We’re doubling revenue in less than 24 hours with some stores.

Our latest store was able to reach $1,000 per day revenue in less than 7 days and then on day 8, it broke $2,000 in revenue…


This success has come mostly because I have my system dialed down.  I know each and every step that needs to be done and in what order to make results come in.  Once you get it down, it’s really quite easy… and the potential is incredible.

When it comes to drop shipping and arbitrage, you can pretty much sell anything.  We aren’t just focused on t-shirts or apparel anymore.  Now, we’re selling everything under the sun on our e-commerce stores.  As long as I can find it at a reasonable price that I can mark up on the store, then we add it.

We are doing a solid 5 figures every single month from cow lovers alone.  Yes, you read that right… COW LOVERS.

Here was a $250 order someone just purchased this morning on the store:


One of the main keys to having these big numbers comes down to how you direct your viewers throughout your system.  Today, I want to help shed some light on a few ways we are boosting revenue by thinking about our customer experience.

In 2014, I was making a classic mistake so many people make… I paid for ad traffic, sent viewers straight to a sales page, and let the product do it’s thing.  From there, it was just me looking for more viewers to turn into buyers.

I didn’t have the two easiest systems in place to produce more money… I didn’t have a backend system to turn past customers into repeat buyers… and I didn’t have a solid system in place to create larger order sizes.

New viewers are always the toughest and most expensive buyers you can find in the game.  Yet, so many of us focus all our time on that part of it.

In 2015, I’ve put a major focus on developing our stores to have a massive marketplace that is buyer friendly to viewers on multiple levels.  With this, we are focusing on how to create bigger orders and repeat customers.

In today’s post, I want to share a few of those techniques that are allowing this to happen.  We are generating over 5 figures a month from cow lovers alone.  If cow lovers buy this much, just think what you can do with those thousands of other niches with the same principles.

1 – Offering A Wide Range Of Products

We have expanded a ton past apparel and started to offer pretty much anything we can find that is capable of being drop shipped.  Here’s a look at the cow products we’re selling just to give you an idea of the range we cover…



This wide variety of products gives us great potential to entice super cow fans to add multiple products to their cart.

2 – Related Products

Just having the products listed on the site isn’t going to help much though.  You need to make sure that you’re showing viewers the whole range of products throughout their viewer experience.

On every single sales page, we have a carefully selected group of products that are shown.  These are products that we feel fit well with the item being sold on this page and items that are likely to be added to the cart as well.


For our store, we have the settings programed so that when someone clicks the “Add To Cart” button, they are NOT sent directly to the checkout page.  Instead, they are allowed to continue shopping.  Since we have tons of products that fit with any of the products listed, this will create larger order sizes.  If you have a small line of products or perhaps just 1 product on your store, then you’ll want to get viewers to the checkout as soon as possible.

3 – Backend Is Everything

Getting people back into the store after they’ve purchased is one of the easiest ways to make more money and essential for big number ROI months.  I set up individual autoresponders for each and every product on the store.  So, if someone buys a pair of cow socks, they will receive a series of emails that fit that product purchased.  The promotions received will be focused on selling products this buyer is most likely to buy more of.

An easy backend email that creates an instant boost in revenue is a FREE SHIPPING discount code in the initial welcome email.  Right after someone buys, they receive a welcome email that usually says thanks for purchasing and explains what they can expect on your newsletter.

While you have their attention, you can offer them a discount code for FREE SHIPPING.  Since they just purchased a product, the shipping cost for you will not be any different than if they just bought more products in the initial order.  The thought of FREE SHIPPING is very enticing for a buyer and this will create more orders instantly.

4 – Saving Lost Sales

Two important pieces that you need to address when running your own e-commerce store are customer support and abandoned carts.  Both of these areas can save you tons of money and add sales into the revenue that would of been lost forever.

An automatic series of emails that get sent to a viewer who didn’t complete the checkout process is killer.  An abandon cart email series is simple to implement and works well.  You never know the reason someone didn’t complete their order.  Offering a quick reminder can get them back in the buyer mode.

Customer support is absolutely essential when it comes to e-commerce.  You can save so many sales by simply answering your viewers emails in a quick and professional manner.  Show them you’re a legit company who wants to provide them the quality of goods and service they deserve.  People like that and will buy from that over and over again.

These are really the essential pieces we’ve been focused on improving the past few months and they have paid off huge dividends.

If you’d like to check out my complete system on dominating e-commerce, you should checkout my Crushing E-Commerce course at  I also offer 1 on 1 coaching if that’s something you’re interested in.  Hit me up if so.

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