Christmas is right around the corner! I hope you’ve had a great season so far.

If you haven’t hit your ‘deliver by xmas’ date yet, it’s right around the corner. Most of us aren’t delivering with the speeds of Amazon for all our products so there’s always a solid week or two before Christmas where you risk some pretty upset customers.

I like to change up our game plan when we hit the xmas deadline. Instead of just going for it and not caring about the angry customers that a late delivery will cause, we start to sell offers that can still present value before & during christmas day. 

There are 3 things that we are focusing on right now in our promotions that work pretty well.

1. Gift Cards – It’s easy to set up a $25, $50, $100+ gift card right on Shopify. Create a cool looking graphic and start hitting the folks who are last minute shoppers. “Know a cow lover? This $50 gift card will get them 3 awesome cow goodies”

2. Subscription Boxes – These do well this time of year because people buy them as gifts for others. When they buy as a gift, they typically don’t just buy a month to month subscription. They’ll buy 6 to 12 months right off the bat bringing in a good chunk of change.

Plus, the receiver of the gift isn’t expecting the box to be wrapped under the tree. They receive a certificate that their first shipment will arrive in January. This gives you that time to fulfill the products correctly and without the stress of getting them there by Christmas.

3. Digital Products – These are great because there is no cost of fulfillment or materials plus they can be delivered instantly. An ebook, video series, or what I’m pushing lately to my farmers, an app work very well during this lull period before Christmas to keep some money rolling in.

These 3 offers are great to put into play for the next 2 weeks for those that can’t fulfill their order delivery by Christmas. For those that can, I’d still add these into the mix. You can see the benefits of each.

Take special note of the mistakes you make and the issues that arise this xmas season. Make sure to improve on that before next year’s holiday season.

Comment below with any questions or thoughts…