There’s one thing you’ll notice all the big brands have in common… they produce a ton of content and they are active on as many platforms as they can be.  Just take a look at the biggest name in your industry and I’d bet they have multiple posts each day with social media, email, advertisements, etc.

That’s how you want to go about your business.  But that typically starts with only a few of those platforms at a time.

I’m getting Kingpinning active again and my initial goal before we focus on new projects in 2019 is to get the assets we have built already consistent again.  That means content & engagement.

That’s exactly what I talk about in today’s video.  You’ll see the simple step by step system I follow to get my content as far and wide as I can out there.  Keep in mind, you’ll want to always optimize your content for the individual platform your posting it on.  A Facebook Fan Page post is different than how you’d post on Instagram which is different than how you’d write when sending an email broadcast, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, do so below.